Everyone should review their estate plan when after a major life event, such as marriage, divorce, the loss of a loved one, birth of children and/or grandchildren, even if you had and sold a business or real property, or are recently retired.  We will explain the legal ramification and how it integrates with your estate plan. 

A long history of bankable guidance

Founded in 1994, the firm has been dedicated to providing our clients with estate planning, probate, trust administration, estate and trust litigation and guardianship, giving all of our clients with the best representation possible.  Whatever challenges you face and goals you may have, we can help with your legal needs in our areas of expertise.

Our goals is to make estate planning as comfortable as possible. We know that everyone has a busy schedule. Having served Las Vegas for twenty years, our office is located in downtown Las Vegas, and we are ready to  assist you.

A culture of respect and honesty

Everyone at the law firm of Cary Colt Payne, Chtd. is dedicated to providing the very best legal advice and services possible.  We appreciate the confidence and trust you have placed in our office, and will stop at nothing to reciprocate that faith in the quality of counsel we provide.

It is with that objective in mind that we approach our work, treating every case as it were our own, personally.  At the core of our culture is the belief in maintaining the highest levels of ethics and integrity. 

We would not be in our third decade of service without that mindset.

Remaining ahead of the curve

When it comes to highly personal matters such as estate planning, probate law, wills, and the creation and administration of trusts, there can never be two identical sets of circumstances.  All of our clients are unique.  We therefore carefully customize a new set of ideas, proposals, and solutions for each individual case.

Toward the end, every member of our office must stay apprised of all new laws and regulations.  Cary Colt Payne, Chtd., is steadfast in its determination to offer the very best legal advice possible.  We want not only address your legal concerns, but also ti help improve the overall quality of your life.

Placing clients above all else

Our reputation means everything to us, and our staff will never knowingly waver from any of the principles, standards, or guidelines that appear throughout the pages of the Cary Colt Payne, Chtd., website.  We know retaining an attorney can be a daunting and uncertain experience.

With that in mind, we have always strives to remove apprehension from new visitors to our office, making ourselves accessible at all times. Prompt and friendly service are the foundation of our success. Fostering an environment of open communication is vital to achieving the results our clients demand.

Before anyone makes any decisions regarding their assets and/or estate planning, an individual needs to understand all the legal possibilities and ramifications so that they can make informed decisions.  Everyone has different needs and estate planning is not  "one-stop shopping."

Building relationships that last a lifetime

Everyone at Cary Colt Payne, Chtd. is acutely aware of the fact that you have many choices when it comes to retaining an attorney for your estate planning, probate, and trust administration matters in Las Vegas, Henderson or elsewhere in the valley.  We cherish our clients, new and old ones alike, never taking any of them for granted.

Mr. Payne strives to overdeliver on every promise, ensuring our clients come away feeling all of their questions were addressed in a thorough and thoughtful manner.  Every client of ours deserves close, personal prompt and professional attention at all times.  We believe that is the only path toward establishing long-lasting relationships.

Always expecting greatness from ourselves

By adhering to the highest ethical standards -- as well as levels of professional conduct -- the employees at Cary Colt Payne, Chtd., believe they will stand out as industry leaders in a field crowded with attorneys at law.  Our firm takes enormous pride both in the work it does, and the manner in which it treats its clients.

We have been representing clients throughout southern Nevada since 1989, consistently offering counsel in the arena of probate law, wills, trust administration, and estate planning that is reliable and practical.  We encourage you to call today and learn how we can assist with your legal concerns.  It would be our privilege to speak with you.


At Cary Colt Payne, Chtd. meeting each client's expectation is paramount