Elder Law in Nevada encompasses all legal issues related to aging, but specifically focuses on issues such as regulation of state and federal benefits, financial and estate planning, elder abuse, and guardianship. As the baby boomers continue to age and move toward retirement the area of elder law continues to evolve and develop, and becomes increasingly more complex.


Cary Colt Payne, Esq. is an experienced elder law attorney who can assist you and your loved ones to navigate such challenging issues. His first priority is to assist you with the proper estate planning to ensure that your desires regarding healthcare and the administration of your assets can be accomplished without delay, and with the least expense to you and your loved ones. He also provides counsel as to long-term care options and funding that may be available to you to supplement and ensure your independence and security throughout life.

Elder law not only encompasses the proper planning, but also the protection of the elderly. You may have a loved one who is susceptible to exploitation due to mental condition, health condition or advanced age. At Cary Colt Payne, Chtd. we are familiar with these issues, having litigated many exploitation cases. We were instrumental in proposing recent laws that make certain transfers to undue influencers void.

Cary Colt Payne, Esq. has been involved in elder law for more than 20 years.  He will explain the dos and don'ts pertaining to taking care of your elderly.  He recently published an article concerning elder law and elder abuse for Nevada Lawyer magazine. 


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